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  • Safety first! We cannot turn on electric service at an unattended location except when no load is on the service. To ensure there is no load, turn off the main disconnect. We want to provide you with electric service as soon as possible. 

  • Haven't received a bill yet? CHELCO will mail you a bill monthly. If you have had service for a month or more and haven't received a bill yet, please contact your local CHELCO office to ensure your accurate mailing address is on file. 

  • Having difficulty paying this month's bill? All bills are due when rendered. Unfortunately, emergencies sometimes occur that hinder timely payments. Contact your local CHELCO office to discuss payment options available to you. Should your account become delinquent, an additional security deposit and other charges may apply. We want to help you keep your credit spotless. 

  • Is your power out? First, check your main disconnect to ensure that the power outage is not just a tripped breaker. If the main breaker is not firmly in the "ON" position, move it to the "OFF" position, and then return it to the "ON" position. If your power is not restored, call us. We have an emergency dispatcher available 24 hours a day to assist you. Call 800.342.0990 or 850.892.2111. During outages, our automated answering system may assist you. Simply follow the instructions. Please contact your local CHELCO office regularly to ensure we have your accurate physical street address information and the site telephone number information for your location(s). If we don't, our automated outage system may not recognize your telephone number when you call and it will take longer to get your power turned back on.

  • Moving? Be sure to notify your local CHELCO office to ensure your account is finalized.

We share these important member tips to help YOU save time, money, and stress. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. CHELCO was formed by the people it serves, for the people it serves. WE are here to serve YOU! 

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