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Why animals and power don't mix
    As temperatures climb and nature takes its course, juvenile animals scamper onto the scene; unfortunately, eager animals and power lines can be a recipe for disaster.

     Animals trigger 11 percent of power outages across the nation, but at CHELCO in 2013, animal related outages accounted for 30 percent of outages. The primary culprit: squirrels.

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CCS will raise energy costs
     Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but the process is predicted by the U.S. Department of Energy to increase the cost of electricity by up to 80 percent. 

     Under proposed EPA rules, new coal-fired generating plants would be required to have CCS technology. Also, some officials within the EPA are promoting CCS installations on existing coal plants. CHELCO is providing this information to encourage members to conduct their own research. Then, they may wish to contact the EPA online through to express their views.

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Cable, satellite boxes to become more energy efficient
     Here’s some little-known trivia about that box on top of the TV set that allows you to watch favorite shows via cable or satellite: it is silently sucking at your wallet. 

     In fact, within the electricity industry, such devices are known as vampire electronics. Cable boxes, smart phones, laptops... anything that consumes standby power when not in use is an energy vampire.

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